Student Athlete Transfer Denial Committee


According to the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) position description, the FAR will schedule and chair Transfer Request Appeals hearings. If ISU denies a student- athlete his or her request for permission to contact or release, ISU will provide that student-athlete with an opportunity for a prompt hearing by a committee outside of the athletics department. After being contacted by the student-athlete, the FAR will schedule the hearing and assemble the committee for a hearing and provide the written notification of the decision of the committee within 15 business days of the request (often sooner). The FAR will also provide the student-athlete with the appellant procedure and answer any questions about the procedure.

These hearings occur on an average of once per year. The Transfer Appeals Committee is comprised of the following individuals:
• Chair of the Iowa State University Athletics Council
• Dean of Students
• Faculty Athletics Representative
• Director of Student Financial Aid
• President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


The Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) assembles the committee on an as-needed basis in a timely manner upon receiving a student athlete's request for a hearing.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Day, Timothy Chair Faculty Athletics Representative 01 Jul 2007
Freeman, Steven Member Athletic Council - Chair
Hurte, Vernon Member Dean of Students
Johnson, Roberta Member Office of Student Financial Aid - Director
Sievers, Meaghan Member Student Athlete Advisory Council - President



  • Athletic Council - Chair (1)
  • Dean of Students (1)
  • Faculty Athletics Representative (1)
  • Office of Student Financial Aid - Director (1)
  • Student Athlete Advisory Council - President (1)


Contact: Timothy Day, Athletics Council