Policy Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)


The role of the Policy Library Advisory Committee (PLAC) provides advisory assistance to policy developers and policy approvers. The PLAC will —

  • Oversee and provide guidance on the development and content of university policies.
  • Strengthen and facilitate the policy development process by interacting with policy initiators at four critical stages in the process.
  • Provide a multi-perspective review policies.
  • Coordinate with the Faculty Senate Governance Council on policies that arise through the Faculty Senate’s process.


The committee meets periodically for the purpose of discussing with the originators of a proposed policy (or policy revision) the --

  • Policy concept
  • Policy development plan (PDP)
  • Draft policy
  • Implementation strategy 

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Lelis, Ann Chair General Counsel 07 Jun 2021
Black, Kaela Policy Library Area Coordinator Academic Affairs
Pistilli, Matthew Policy Library Area Coordinator Student Affairs 01 Jul 2017
Bennett-George, Sarah Member Faculty Senate President-Elect
Conrad, Kayt Member Operations and Finance
Easker, Paul Member P&S Council - Policies & Procedures Committee 01 Jun 2021
Frank, Matthew Member Faculty Senate Governance Council
Holowinski, Michael Member Internal Audit 01 Feb 2022
Iennarella-Servantez, Chelsea Member Graduate & Professional Student Senate 01 Nov 2020
Little, Andrea Member University Human Resources (UHR) 01 Oct 2014
Ludwig, Jacob Member Student Government
Norton, Michael Member General Counsel 11 Jul 2016
Smith, Heather Member General Counsel 01 Jan 2019
Wells, Carl Member Office of Equal Opportunity 16 May 2022



  • Academic Affairs (1)
  • Faculty Senate Governance Council (1)
  • Faculty Senate President-Elect (1)
  • General Counsel (4)
  • Graduate & Professional Student Senate (1)
  • Graduate Council (1)
  • Information Technology Services (1)
  • Internal Audit (1)
  • Office of Equal Opportunity (1)
  • Operations and Finance (1)
  • P&S Council - Policies & Procedures Committee (1)
  • Student Affairs (1)
  • Student Government (1)
  • University Human Resources (UHR) (2)
  • University Services (1)


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