Educator Preparation Coordinating Council (EPCC)


The Iowa State University Educator Preparation Program is a unit that consists of 16 programs that span three colleges: the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Human Sciences, and the College of Liberal Arts. Programs in the College of Human Sciences are located both within and outside of the School of Education. The 16 programs offer two educational leadership endorsements and over 46 teaching endorsements, including 17 primary endorsements.

The Educator Preparation Program is the responsibility of the Educator Preparation Coordinating Council (EPCC). The EPCC is a university-wide council chaired by the Director of Educator Preparation. The EPCC is the sole policy-making and operations body for educator preparation and responsible for all program components: admission, continuation/retention, recommendation for licensure, compliance, appeals, curriculum (in conjunction with the offering department/program) and the conceptual framework that informs the preparation of our future educator leaders.

Prior to 2011, the EPCC was named the University Teacher Education Coordinating Council (UTECC).


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Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Doellinger, Heidi Chair Director, Education Preparation Program 01 Sep 2017
Andreotti, Alex Member Mathematics Education 15 Aug 2006
Boeckman, Jaime Member Director, Teacher Education Services 15 Jan 2013
Bremer, Jeff Member History/Social Sciences Education 15 Aug 2011
I, Ji-Yeong Member Mathematics Education 01 Sep 2017
Lipsey, Holly Member Physical Education 15 Aug 2009
Luze, Gayle Member Early Childhood Education 01 Jun 2009
Micich, Anita Member Educational Leadership 01 Sep 2017
Niday, Donna Member English Education 01 Sep 2017
Quinn Allen, Linda Member World Languages & Cultures Education 15 Aug 2006
Royston, Natalie Member Music Education 15 Aug 2011
Rutenberg, Amy Member History/Social Sciences Education 01 Sep 2017
Smalley, Scott Member Agriculture Education 01 Sep 2017
Staker, Jay Member Science Education 01 Sep 2017
Swalwell, Katy Member Elementary Education 01 Sep 2017
VanWaardhuizen, Laura Member Family & Consumer Sciences Education 01 Aug 2018
Christensen, Jack Ex-officio Clinical Experience Coordinator 01 Aug 2018
Jackson, Christa Ex-officio SOE K-12 & Secondary Education Program Lead 01 Sep 2017
Kahler, Teresa Ex-officio Licensure Coordinator 15 Aug 2013
Kalcevich, Kristin Ex-officio Clinical Experience Coordinator 01 Sep 2017
Sackmann, Daryl Ex-officio Clinical Experience Coordinator 01 Sep 2017
Strathe, Marlene Ex-officio Director, School of Education 01 Sep 2017
Woolery, Lisa Ex-officio Coordinator of Educational Assessment & Program Evaluation 01 Sep 2017



  • Agriculture Education (1)
  • Clinical Experience Coordinator (2)
  • Coordinator of Educational Assessment & Program Evaluation (1)
  • Director, Education Preparation Program (1)
  • Director, School of Education (1)
  • Director, Teacher Education Services (1)
  • Early Childhood Education (1)
  • Educational Leadership (1)
  • Elementary Education (1)
  • English Education (1)
  • Family & Consumer Sciences Education (1)
  • History/Social Sciences Education (2)
  • Licensure Coordinator (1)
  • Mathematics Education (2)
  • Music Education (1)
  • Physical Education (1)
  • Science Education (1)
  • SOE K-12 & Secondary Education Program Lead (1)
  • World Languages & Cultures Education (1)


Senior Vice President & Provost