Institutional Review Board (IRB)


In order for research institutions to obtain federal funding, they are required to have an Institutional Review Board (IRB) in place. The IRB is a committee that reviews all research at Iowa State University (ISU) involving human participants, including proposals to gather data from participants for theses, dissertations, and other student projects.

The Office for Human Research Protections and the Food and Drug Administration have established requirements for the composition of the IRB’s membership. The committee is required to have at least five members. Membership should include persons knowledgeable in the areas of research conducted at ISU. There should be at least one member in a scientific area, one in a nonscientific area, and one who is neither affiliated with the university, nor an immediate family member of a person affiliated with the university.

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The IRB oversees the review of approximately 1,200 research applications per year.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Agnitsch, Kerry Co-Chair, Ex-Officio Faculty/Staff - Office of Research Ethics 30 Apr 2007
Dorhout, Peter Institutional Official (IO) Vice President for Research 25 Jan 2021
Bappe, Roxanne IRB Administrator Member Information Contact



  • Faculty/Staff - Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Food Science & Human Nutrition (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Human Development and Family Studies (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Human Sciences Administration (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Information Technology (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Kinesiology (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Office of Research Ethics (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Psychology (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - School of Education (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Sociology (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Virtual Reality Applications Center (1)
  • Member Information Contact (1)
  • Prisoner Representative (1)
  • Unaffiliated/Community Member (1)
  • Vice President for Research (1)


Contact: Bette Maybee, ORE