Work/Life Advisory Committee


The Work/Life Advisory Committee advises University Human Resources on issues of managing professional and personal lives. A key goal is to identify ways to maintain a university environment that will lead to effective recruitment, retention, and advancement of faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students. The Committee conducts ongoing review of current policies and practices and identifies gaps or ineffective policies and practices. It works with faculty, staff, and administrators who have responsibilities for these issues to design new policies, practices, and training.


The Committee meets three or four times a year, forms sub-committees as appropriate to address specific topics or policies, and reports to University Human Resources annually and as needed.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Marshall, Joanne Chair Faculty Senate 16 Aug 2013
, Member University Human Resources (UHR)
, Member Office of Equal Opportunity
Bagley, Rodney Member Deans / Associate Deans 01 Sep 2013
Campos, Joseph Member Student Affairs 10 Apr 2014
Faggionato, Davide Member Postdoc 07 Apr 2015
Ghalachyan, Armine Member Graduate Student 24 Apr 2014
Graden, Julia Member ISU Childcare 01 Sep 2008
Laware, Margaret Member University Committee on Women 01 Sep 2013
Scheel, Karen Member Faculty Senate 01 Sep 2013
Simmons, Heather Member P&S Council 01 Jul 2016
Van Dyke, Kipp Member P&S Council 01 Sep 2013
Vela-Becerra, Javier Member Faculty & Staff Affinity Council 07 Apr 2014
Wrage, Richard Member Extension 01 Sep 2013


  • ADVANCE Program (1)
  • Deans / Associate Deans (1)
  • Department Chair (1)
  • Extension (1)
  • Faculty & Staff Affinity Council (1)
  • Faculty Senate (2)
  • Graduate Student (1)
  • ISU Childcare (1)
  • Office of Equal Opportunity (1)
  • P&S Council (2)
  • Postdoc (1)
  • Student Affairs (1)
  • Supervisory Merit (1)
  • University Committee on Women (1)
  • University Human Resources (UHR) (1)


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