Health Information Privacy Compliance Committee


The Committee's responsibility is to provide advice and support to the Health Information Privacy Officer and assist in developing, monitoring, implementing, and revising ISU’s policy and procedures requiring confidentiality and privacy of the personal health information of our employees and students. The Committee is delegated the authority to develop the specific details of ISU policy and procedure to assure compliance with health information privacy laws and regulations.


The Committee does not meet on a regularly scheduled basis. Most communications occur via email.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Hurley, Jim Member Health Information Privacy Officer
Davidson, Joyce Member Student Counseling Service
O'Mara, Denise Member Athletic Training Department
Bystrom, Keith Member University Counsel
, Member Cyclone Sports Medicine
, Member UHR Benefits Office
Agnitsch, Kerry Member Office for Responsible Research 01 Jul 2013
Baldwin, Erin Chair Thielen Student Health Center 01 Mar 2016
Konz, Bridget Member Thielen Student Health Center 01 Mar 2016



  • Athletic Training Department (1)
  • Cyclone Sports Medicine (1)
  • Health Information Privacy Officer (1)
  • Office for Responsible Research (1)
  • Student Counseling Service (1)
  • Thielen Student Health Center (2)
  • UHR Benefits Office (1)
  • University Counsel (1)


Senior Vice President for Student Affairs