Transportation Advisory Council (TAC)


The setting of transportation policy shall rest with university administrators aided by staff members who possess the appropriate knowledge and skills and by an advisory council, which is broadly representative of the campus constituent groups. This advisory council, reporting directly to the Senior Vice President of University Services, shall be known as the Transportation Advisory Council. Although the Council is strictly advisory, major policy issues shall be brought to the council for review prior to administrative action.

The Council’s primary function is to serve as a channel for the expression of user-group opinions and preferences, both on broad policy matters and on specific issues. All matters pertaining to the movement of people and vehicles to, from, and around campus fall within the Council’s purview. The Council shall consider issues submitted to it from outside, initiate studies, and develop policy recommendations on transportation for the central administration. These shall include but are not limited to parking, streets, traffic signals, public transportation, bikeways, and facilities for commuters, pedestrian walkways, and traffic safety.


The council will normally meet at least monthly during the times that B Base faculty are required to be on duty, except for dead week and finals week. Meetings shall be scheduled by the Chair. The Chair shall keep the council informed on the progress of any recommendations that the Council has made.

Visitors or other institutional representatives can attend meetings and speak to issues upon recognition of the Chair. They may also have items placed on the agenda by written request to the Chair. To the extent possible, council meetings should be scheduled at least a week in advance and that schedule should be made public. Council meeting agendas and minutes should be readily available to members of the Iowa State University community.

Members are expected to participate in the Council’s activities by bringing issues from participating sub-committees. The representatives of the Parking Division, Facilities Planning and Management, and the Department of Public Safety, shall keep the Council informed, in a timely manner, of all items under consideration by those departments which come under the purview of the Transportation Advisory Council.

The Governance Document should be reviewed every year for the purpose of making any changes that would ensure that the document continues to meet the needs and reflects the experience of the Council.

Minutes may be requested by emailing

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Larabee, Randolph Chair Professional & Scientific Council 01 Sep 1997
Adams, Brian Member College - Veterinary Medicine 01 Jan 2007
Baldwin-Kordick, Rebecca Member Graduate & Professional Student Senate 01 Jan 2017
Bandyopadhayay, Asit Member Student Government - Ames Transit Agency - CyRide 01 Jan 2017
Bock, Andrew Member Merit 01 Sep 2010
Fair, Bradlee Member Student Government - Greek 01 Sep 2016
Freestone, Samuel Member Student Government - University Student Apartment Community (USAC) 01 Sep 2016
Garrey, Richard Member Department of Residence 01 Sep 2010
Hansen, Stephanie Member College - Agriculture and Life Sciences 01 Sep 2016
Herrmann, Terry Member Ames Laboratory 01 Sep 2013
Hirschman, John Member Dean of Students Office - Disability Resources 01 Sep 2005
Kramer, John Member College - Human Sciences 01 Sep 2014
Larkin, Deborah Member Supervisory & Confidential Council 01 Sep 2011
Niemi, Jarad Member Faculty Senate 01 Jan 2015
Obrecht, Joshua Member College - Design 01 Sep 2016
Pavlovec, Jennifer Member College - Engineering 01 Jan 2017
Taglauer, Trent Member Student Government - Residence Halls 01 Jan 2017
Ullestad-Heneke, Mary Member College - Liberal Arts & Sciences 01 Sep 2016
vacant, Member College - Business
West, Cody Member Student Government - Off Campus 01 Jan 2017
Wiebke, Craig Member Iowa State Center 01 Sep 2003
Williamson, Corey Member Memorial Union 01 Jan 2013
Zirkelbach, Jacob Member Student Government - Out of Town Commuters 01 Sep 2016
Brown, Catherine Ex-officio Facilities Planning & Management 01 Sep 2007
Delashmutt, Aaron Ex-officio Department of Public Safety 01 Dec 2015
Miller, Mark Ex-officio Department of Public Safety - Parking Division 01 Sep 2003
Solberg, Angela Ex-officio Facilities Planning & Management 01 Sep 2008
Steffen, Aaron Ex-officio Department of Public Safety - Parking Division 01 Jan 2010
Franklin, Mishelle Ex-officio (non-voting) Secretary 01 Sep 2006



  • Ames Laboratory (1)
  • College - Agriculture and Life Sciences (1)
  • College - Business (1)
  • College - Design (1)
  • College - Engineering (1)
  • College - Human Sciences (1)
  • College - Liberal Arts & Sciences (1)
  • College - Veterinary Medicine (1)
  • Dean of Students Office - Disability Resources (1)
  • Department of Public Safety (1)
  • Department of Public Safety - Parking Division (2)
  • Department of Residence (1)
  • Facilities Planning & Management (2)
  • Faculty Senate (1)
  • Graduate & Professional Student Senate (1)
  • Iowa State Center (1)
  • Memorial Union (1)
  • Merit (1)
  • Professional & Scientific Council (1)
  • Secretary (1)
  • Student Government - Ames Transit Agency - CyRide (1)
  • Student Government - Greek (1)
  • Student Government - Off Campus (1)
  • Student Government - Out of Town Commuters (1)
  • Student Government - Residence Halls (1)
  • Student Government - University Student Apartment Community (USAC) (1)
  • Supervisory & Confidential Council (1)


Senior Vice President for University Services