Technology Enterprise Advisory Committee (TEAC)


The committee is charged with reviewing ISU's enterprise technologies, integrating existing software platforms, and communicating relevant enterprise items to our campus community. The committee reports to the IT Executive Committee (ITEC) that consists of the Senior Vice Presidents and the Chief of Staff for the President.

The formation of the TEAC is particularly important given the numerous high-level and visible security breaches that have occurred at universities and corporate entities across the country. The TEAC has an important role in keeping ISU vigilant and proactive in protecting the private information of our students, faculty, staff, and research partners.

The TEAC charge includes overcoming limitations in our enterprise information systems which make it difficult to obtain data that is relevant for decision-making and make basic transactions time consuming.

The TEAC's charge is consistent with the educational, research, and outreach mission of a leading land grant university. A holistic approach to information technology governance and integration benefits our growing enrollment, recruitment of faculty and staff, and growing research enterprise. Strong organizations invest in technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness, which ultimately enables our faculty and staff to concentrate on what we do best – teach, conduct research, and serve our fellow Iowans.


The TEAC was established by President Steven Leath and announced in a June 17, 2015, memorandum to ISU administrative officers. He appointed the chair, initial officers and support staff to the committee, with the expectation that the subcommittees will meet on a regular basis and provide advice to the TEAC on actions that require enterprise level consideration by ITEC and the Office of the President.

The Senior Vice Presidents and the Chief of Staff will collaborate to create subcommittees that address the integration of functional areas and to provide recommendations to the TEAC. The initial subcommittees will provide advice and expertise in the following areas:

• The student enterprises, addressing the full life cycle of a student from initial contact as an applicant through graduation;

• Human resource management with functional administrative requirements to serve as an advisory capacity for all aspects of the employee experience; and

• Research and financial management that supports the research and educational pursuits of the University.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Constant, Kristen Chair Information Technology Services 01 Dec 2017
Ciardo, Gianfranco Member Faculty Senate - IT Subcommittee Chair 03 Sep 2019
Danielson, Jody Member Facilities Planning & Management 10 Nov 2016
Darr, Kristi Member University Human Resources (UHR) 11 Aug 2016
Dobbs, Kathy Member Controller 01 Jul 2015
Doering, Laura Member Student Affairs 03 Feb 2020
Hallam, Arne Member College 01 Jul 2015
Lohrbach, Michael Member Information Technology Services 28 Jun 2018
Neppl, Jeremy Member Vice President for Research 28 Mar 2017
Piscitello, Joan Member Treasurer's Office 15 Mar 2018
Rupp, Diane Member Student Affairs 10 Mar 2020
Sabtu-Schaper, Siti Member Provost's Office 25 Oct 2018
Simpson, Stephen Member Environmental Health & Safety 10 Nov 2016
Suchan, Jennifer Member Student Affairs 10 Mar 2020
Ward, Amy Member P&S Council 07 Sep 2017
Whalen, Bonnie Member Student Affairs 31 Mar 2017
Jutting, Karen Ex-officio (non-voting) Administrative Support 01 Jul 2015


  • Administrative Support (1)
  • College (1)
  • Controller (1)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (1)
  • Facilities Planning & Management (1)
  • Faculty Senate - IT Subcommittee (1)
  • Information Technology Services (2)
  • P&S Council (1)
  • Provost's Office (1)
  • Student Affairs (4)
  • Student Government (1)
  • Treasurer's Office (1)
  • University Human Resources (UHR) (1)
  • Vice President for Research (1)


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