American Indian Faculty and Staff Council (AIFSC)


The objective of the American Indian Faculty and Staff Council is to help increase the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and, by extension, students who identify as members of the Native and American Indian community. The intent is to build community, in addition to increasing visibility and awareness of Native issues throughout campus and in the larger Ames community. As a community, we will remain dedicated to empowering our indigenous and American Indian constituency here at Iowa State University.


Established in November 2015, this new group intends to host welcome receptions, socials, meals, professional development seminars, and other community-building and networking events for Native and American Indian faculty, staff, new students, and allies.

Current Members

Name Role Representation Start Term
Braun, Sebastian Co-chair Intertribal Faculty Chair 18 Nov 2015
Oxendine, Christy Co-chair International Student Liaison
, Member Merit - non organized
, Member Non-Affiliated Community Member
, Member University Committee on Women
, Member Graduate Student
, Member Merit - non organized
, Member Graduate Student
Arndt, Grant Member Faculty 01 Jan 2016
Coppoc, Jen Member Faculty 01 Jan 2016
Paxson, Lynn Member Faculty 01 Jan 2016
Wiegand, Jason Member Intertribal Staff Chair 18 Nov 2015
, Support At-large



  • At-large (1)
  • Faculty (3)
  • Graduate Student (2)
  • International Student Liaison (1)
  • Intertribal Faculty Chair (1)
  • Intertribal Staff Chair (1)
  • Merit - non organized (2)
  • Non-Affiliated Community Member (1)
  • Professional and Scientific (1)
  • University Committee on Women (1)


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