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The Iowa State University Athletics Council is charged with advising the President of the University and the Athletics Director on matters related to intercollegiate athletics. In this capacity, the Athletics Council seeks to bring the view of the greater university community to decisions concerning athletics at the University. Each year the Committee provides an annual report to the President of the University.

In addition, the Council has the responsibility, delegated to it by the President, to monitor the implementation of the policies and standards for the oversight of the intercollegiate athletics program of the University as established by Iowa State University, the Big 12Conference and the NCAA. Among the areas of interest for the Council are gender equity, academic integrity, student-athlete welfare, and the fiscal integrity of the intercollegiate athletics program.


Each academic year, the Council holds meetings in September, November, February, and April. The Council provides an annual report to the President of the University.

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  • Athletics Department (3)
  • Athletics Director (1)
  • CFO & Chief of Staff (1)
  • Faculty Athletics Representative (1)
  • Faculty Senate (5)
  • Office of the President (3)
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  • Student Government - President (1)
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (2)


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