Child Care Committee, University


The purpose of the University Child Care Committee (UCCC) is to advise the ISU administration regarding the child care needs of students, faculty, and staff members of the university community. The Committee will survey, study and recommend ways and means by which these needs may best be met. UCCC will work with the ISU Child Care Coordinator to advocate for greater accessibility, availability, and higher quality child care for the university community. In carrying out its assignments, the Committee will cooperate as closely as feasible with the City of Ames and with all other appropriate public agencies and interested private organizations.


The committee meets regularly every four weeks during the academic year.

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  • Athletics Department (1)
  • College (7)
  • Human Development & Family Studies (1)
  • Information Technology Services (1)
  • ISU Child & Family Resource Services (1)
  • Merit (1)
  • Office of Student Financial Aid (1)
  • Student - Graduate (1)
  • Supervisory & Confidential Council (1)


Contact: Julia Graden, UHR