Disabilities, University Committee on


The University Committee on Disabilities (UCD) advises and assists the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion (VPDI) regarding its leadership role in promoting and fostering a campus environment of inclusiveness and accessibility. More specifically, the UCD assists the Vice President's focus of removing barriers to access, providing education to foster awareness to the campus community, and equipping the community with tools to spearhead other initiatives that address inequities. The UCD also establishes and maintains close relationships with persons and groups that are interested in accessibility throughout campus.

See link to the UCD Charter, below.


The University Committee on Disabilities (UCD) has reconvened after a long hiatus. The committee and each subcommittee meet once per month to discuss how to advocate, educate, and promote an inclusive campus for individuals of all abilities.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Vega-Garcia, Susan Ex-officio Library 01 Apr 2017
Moats, Steven Ex-officio Student Accessibility Services 01 Apr 2017
Kelty, Sydney Ex-officio Student Accessibility Services
Wiley, Alex Member Environmental Health & Safety 01 Aug 2018
Wiley, Cyndi Member
Wendling, Brittni Member Alliance for Disability Awareness 01 Aug 2018
Vonnahme, Brooke Member University Human Resources 01 Jul 2017
Vens, Todd Member
vacant, Member Student Government
Niman, Jamie Member Student Accessibility Services
Mickle, Lori Member Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching
Large, Rachel Member University Human Resources
Howard-Martin, Monica Member College - Veterinary Medicine 01 Sep 2017
Harris, Akelo Member 01 Jul 2017
Hahn, Patricia Member Merit 01 Apr 2017
Gee, Wesley Member Facilities Planning & Management
Franklin, Mishelle Member Department of Public Safety 01 Jun 2017
Cutrona, Carolyn Member 01 Aug 2018
Ballard II, Joseph Member Department of Residence
Hurte, Regenea Co-chair Office of Equal Opportunity
Cummings, E. Jacob Co-chair Office of Equal Opportunity



  • Alliance for Disability Awareness (2)
  • Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (1)
  • College - Agriculture and Life Sciences (1)
  • College - Business (1)
  • College - Design (1)
  • College - Engineering (1)
  • College - Human Sciences (1)
  • College - Liberal Arts & Sciences (2)
  • College - Veterinary Medicine (1)
  • Department of Public Safety (1)
  • Department of Residence (2)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (1)
  • Equal Opportunity (2)
  • Extension & Outreach (1)
  • Facilities Planning & Management (2)
  • Faculty Senate (1)
  • Graduate & Professional Student Senate (1)
  • Graduate College (1)
  • Information Technology Services (1)
  • Library (1)
  • Merit (1)
  • Student Accessibility Services (2)
  • Student Government (1)
  • Supervisory & Confidential (1)
  • University Human Resources (2)


Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion