Sustainability, ISU Council on


The vision and objectives of the Council on Sustainability will align with the ISU Strategic Plan and Mission to facilitate:

  • Multi-disciplinary exploration of fundamental issues relating to sustainability, consistent with the university mission’s to disseminate knowledge and practice through communication, analysis, study and implementation
  • A coordinated mechanism to encourage the serious study of the impact of sustainable practices and developments on society

The Council on Sustainability is lead by the Steering Committee (listed below), members of the campus community who have been selected and elected to represent the interests of the Council and promote the mission of the Council.

The Council will work on the following strategic areas:

Increase interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities, such as learning communities, service learning, internships, research experiences, and international exchanges.

University Life
Achieve a sustainable balance between responsibilities and resources that will allow the university to efficiently and effectively realize its vision. Promote a university that conserves resources and enhances environmental quality.

Iowa Life
Promote the wise use of Iowa’s resources and build a sustainable future.


Please visit the Council website (see link below) to find current information on the activities of the Council.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation
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  • Athletics Department (1)
  • College - Agriculture and Life Sciences (1)
  • College - Business (1)
  • College - Design (2)
  • College - Engineering (1)
  • Facilities Planning & Management (1)
  • Student Government (1)
  • Sustainability Programs Director (1)


Senior Vice President for University Services