Learning Communities Advisory Committee



Sponsored by both the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and the Provost, the Learning Community Advisory Committee exists to

  • Advise the Director of Learning Communities and the Associate Provost for Academic Programs and the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Promote and strengthen a strong partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs
  • Promote and support learning communities



This committee supports more than 90 learning communities; coordinates the annual Learning Communities Institute; and provides workshops and support for learning community programs through subcommittees of assessment, mentors, marketing, transfers, and curriculum.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation
Leptien, Jennifer Chair Learning Communities
Aune, Jeanine Member English
Brown, Matthew Member Office of the Registrar
Cooper, Malinda Member Design
Earnest, Kurt Member Department of Residence
Flory, David Member Geological & Atmospheric Sciences
Hamilton, Stephanie Member Liberal Arts & Sciences
Holtman, Kyle Member Learning Communities
Johnson, Clayton Member Engineering
Kennis, Audrey Member Agriculture & Life Sciences
Miller, Carly Member Program for Women in Science & Engineering
Saad, Shawna Member Office of the Registrar
Severson, Allison Member Hixon Opportunity Awards
Wilcox, Emily Member Honors Program
Wilson, Sarah Member Human Sciences



  • Agriculture & Life Sciences (1)
  • Dean of Students Office (1)
  • Department of Residence (1)
  • Design (1)
  • Engineering (1)
  • English (1)
  • Geological & Atmospheric Sciences (1)
  • Hixon Opportunity Awards (1)
  • Honors Program (1)
  • Human Sciences (1)
  • Learning Communities (2)
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences (1)
  • Office of the Registrar (1)
  • Program for Women in Science & Engineering (1)


Senior Vice President for Student Affairs