Residency Review Committee


Iowa Administrative Code § 681.1.4, “Classification of residents and nonresidents for admission, tuition, and fee purposes,” calls for a review committee in paragraph (1)(f):

“Review Committee. These regulations shall be administered by the registrar or someone designated by the registrar. The decision of the registrar or designated person may be appealed to a university review committee. The finding of the review committee may be appealed to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.”

The Iowa Administrative Code does not provide for any specific membership or make-up of the committee.


The Committee meets only in response to student appeals. Generally there are 1-4 meetings per semester.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Mirka, Gary Chair College 29 Oct 2013
Andreasen, Claire Member College 30 Nov 2010
Kerby, Kent Member College 01 Jul 2017
Piscitello, Joan Member Finance Division 20 Oct 2015
Wilson, Sarah Member College 05 Nov 2014
Suchan, Jennier Ex-officio Registrar 01 Jul 2019



  • College (4)
  • Finance Division (1)
  • Registrar (1)


Senior Vice President for Student Affairs