Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)


The IACUC is mandated by the Health Research Extension Act (HREA) of 1985 and the Animal Welfare Act. “The goal of each IACUC is to ensure the humane care and use of animals used in research, teaching and testing and compliance with guidelines and regulations, while maintaining flexibility to best meet the unique needs of the institution.” --Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Guidebook, 2nd Edition, 2002

The Public Health Service and the USDA have established requirements for the composition of the IACUC’s membership. The Public Health Service specifies at least 5 members including a DVM, a scientist, a non-scientist, a non-affiliated member and a community member. The USDA specifies a minimum of 3 members, with no more than 3 members from the same administrative unit of the institution, and requires a DVM, a non-affiliated member, and a community member.

At ISU, the committee is sponsored by the Offices for Responsible Research and the Vice President for Research.

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In the past fiscal year, IACUC reviewed approximately 750 protocols and conducted several educational seminars.

Current Members

Name Role Representation Start Term
Nusser, Sarah Vice President VPR- Institutional Officer 11 Jun 2014
Saurer, Mary Veterinarian Attending Veterinarian 01 Jan 2010
Zamzow, Sarah Ex-officio Faculty/Staff - Administrative Representative



  • Attending Veterinarian (2)
  • EH&S Specialist (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Administrative Representative (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Animal Science (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Aquatic Consultant (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Biomedical Sciences (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Biotechnology (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Food Science & Human Nutrition (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Kinesiology (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Laboratory Animal Resources (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Member Information Contact (1)
  • Faculty/Staff - Natural Resource Ecology & Managment (2)
  • Faculty/Staff - Veterinary Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine (1)
  • Non-Affiliated/Community and Non-Scientist (2)
  • Poultry Specialist (1)
  • VPR- Institutional Officer (1)


Contact: Bette Maybee, ORR