Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)


The principal function of the RSC is to establish university policy for the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices that comply with federal, state and local regulations. Research projects that involve the use of radioactive material or radiation producing devices must be authorized by the Iowa State University Radiation Safety Committee (RSC).

The RSC is composed of a representative from each of five colleges where research in the physical and life sciences and in engineering is conducted, plus two members with specific expertise in radiation protection and one university management representative (i.e., Director, Office for Responsible Research (ORR)). One of the three members with specific expertise shall be the University Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).

Terms on the committee for the RSO, the ORR director, and a radiation expert (historically, the Ames Laboratory Radiation Safety Officer) are indefinite. All other terms, including the committee chair, are for three years with reappointments being determined by the Vice President for Research.


The RSC meets at least once during each academic semester at a time arranged by the chair for attendance of the maximum number of members. Additional meetings may be called if circumstances dictate need.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term End Term
Cunnick, Joan Chair Animal Science 01 Jul 2012 30 Jun 2022
Thompson, Michael Co-chair Agronomy 01 Jul 2014 30 Jun 2022
Nusser, Sarah Institutional Official (IO) Vice President for Research 01 Feb 2014
Angus, Hector Member Kinesiology 01 Jul 2019 30 Jun 2022
Armstrong, Eric Member Environmental Health & Safety 01 Mar 2017 30 Jun 2020
Bronikowski, Anne Member Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biol-LAS 01 Jul 2019 30 Jun 2022
Heindel, Ted Member Mechanical Engineering 01 Jul 2019 30 Jun 2022
Kaatz, Sarah Member Administration 20 Jun 2016
Lopez, Drema Member College of Veterinary Medicine 08 Aug 2019 30 Jun 2022
Rowling, Matthew Member Food Science & Human Nutrition 01 Jul 2011 30 Jun 2020
McGuigan, Michael Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Ames Laboratory 23 May 2005
Wendt, Scott Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Environmental Health & Safety 01 Mar 2017



  • Administration (1)
  • Agronomy (1)
  • Ames Laboratory (1)
  • Animal Science (1)
  • College of Veterinary Medicine (1)
  • Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biol-LAS (1)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (2)
  • Food Science & Human Nutrition (1)
  • Kinesiology (1)
  • Mechanical Engineering (1)
  • Vice President for Research (1)


Contact: Bette Maybee, ORR