Judiciary, All University


The All University Judiciary hears cases in which a serious violation of the Conduct Code may result in suspension or expulsion from the University. AUJ may also hear cases of minor nature which have been referred by the Office of Judicial Affairs. The AUJ hears cases in boards of five persons each, at least two of whom are students. The AUJ makes its recommendation to the Dean of Students.

The All University Judiciary is appointed by the President and is composed of ten faculty members nominated by the members of the University community or the Faculty Senate, five staff members nominated by the Vice President for Student Affairs, five graduate students nominated by the Graduate Student Senate, and ten students nominated by the Government of the Student Body. All appointments are subject to the approval of the President.

All appointments are for a two-year term and may be extended or reappointed if the member is willing to serve, unless the member has been removed by the appointing authority.

If a vacancy occurs on the committee, the nominating authority will replace that member with an interim member to complete the term. All chairpersons (individual or joint) are appointed by the President from members of the general faculty or the professional and scientific staff for a three-year term. Two faculty/staff and two students selected from the 30-member All University Judiciary and the Hearing Board Chair will constitute the Hearing Board for each case.


Current Members

Name Role Representation
For member information, contact Judicial Affairs



  • Faculty (10)
  • Staff (5)
  • Student - Graduate (5)
  • Student - Undergraduate (10)


Senior Vice President for Student Affairs