NCORE / ISCORE Planning Committee


NCORE is the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity.
ISCORE is the Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity.

The NCORE / ISCORE project began in 1999 with the goal of promoting ethnic diversity and understanding within the Iowa State University community. The NCORE / ISCORE Planning Committee’s purpose is to facilitate a successful and educational NCORE / ISCORE project on the Iowa State campus including:

  • Recruitment and screening of student applicants to the project
  • Development, planning and facilitation of a class (University Studies 490) for project participants
  • Coordination of attendance at the NCORE conference
  • Coordination and facilitation of project and group meetings
  • Planning, coordination and facilitation of the annual ISCORE conference in March of each year
  • Project/conference evaluation


Summer 2006: The committee has just returned from a successful NCORE conference in Chicago, in which one of the largest delegations of Iowa State University students, staff and faculty were in attendance. The committee will continue meetings with the students, course planning, and planning for the ISCORE 2007 conference. Objectives for the upcoming year will be to have a highly successful ISCORE conference in which even greater numbers of staff, students and faculty take part in this project.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Kellogg, Japannah Chair Student Affairs 01 Aug 2000
Ali, Mohamed Member Student Affairs 02 Aug 2018
Bestler, Laura Member Provost's Office 01 Aug 2017
Cran, Katy Member Dean of Students Office 01 Aug 2018
Flagge, Carmen Member College 01 Dec 2002
Garrin, Ashley Member College 01 Dec 2017
Gwebu, Kabongwe (KB) Member Student Affairs 01 Aug 2017
Henke, Kody Member Dean of Students Office 01 Aug 2019
Kennis, Audrey Member College 01 Dec 2013
Looft, Ruxandra Member Margaret Sloss Women's Center 01 Aug 2018
Martinez-Podolsky, Elizabeth Member College 01 Aug 2015
McGee, Isaiah Member Equal Opportunity 01 Aug 2017
Plagman-Galvin, Jennifer Member College 01 Aug 2018
Saad, Shawna Member Student Affairs 01 Aug 2018
Severson, Allison Member Dean of Students Office 01 Dec 2013
Tungesvik, Jaclyn Member Student Affairs 01 Aug 2011
Winters, Leslie Member College 01 Aug 2014



  • College (6)
  • Dean of Students Office (3)
  • Equal Opportunity (1)
  • Margaret Sloss Women's Center (1)
  • Provost's Office (1)
  • Student Affairs (5)


Senior Vice President for Student Affairs