Trademark Advisory Committee (TAC)


Iowa State University (ISU) has delegated the management of its trademarks to the Trademark Licensing Office. The Trademark Advisory Committee (TAC) has been established to advise and support the Trademark Licensing Office in the administration and management of ISU’s trademarks. The TAC includes a broad representation of university stakeholders each of  whom brings a different perspective to the table and shares a passion for ISU. The purpose of the TAC is to promote, enhance, and protect ISU’s identity and brand through the review, support and interpretation of ISU’s trademark policy and supporting guidelines.


Specific TAC responsibilities include:
1. Supporting campus communications strategies concerning ISU trademark management, including guidance on developing and implementing policies and guidelines to promote, support and protect ISU trademarks and their internal and external use.
2. Disseminating information to the ISU community concerning issues of relevance to its trademarks and its impact on ISU’s trademark policy and guidelines.
3. Supporting ISU’s Trademark Licensing Office by reviewing the use of ISU trademarks for commercial and non-commercial purposes upon request.
4. Reviewing graphic concepts and samples of product type and quality, artwork and/or usage of university name and mark upon request.
5. Working with and receiving guidance from ISU’s licensing agent as coordinated by the Trademark Licensing Office to ensure a balance of protection and promotion of the ISU brand both internally and externally.
6. Reviewing existing or proposed trademarks in accordance with ISU trademark policy and applicable guidelines and provide recommendations upon request.
7. Supporting ISU stakeholders in protection of ISU marks and recommending enforcement activities as needed to ensure the authorized use of ISU marks.
8. Responding to appeals from ISU faculty, staff, students, and administrators regarding trademark-related concerns as needed.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation Start Term
Zimmerman, Leesha Chair Trademark Licensing Office / General Counsel 01 Jul 2007
Kester, Darci Secretary Trademark Licensing Office / General Counsel 01 Jul 2007
Custer, Carole Member University Marketing 01 Jul 2007
Day, Timothy Member Faculty Senate 01 Jun 2018
Foote, Shannon Member Alumni Association 01 Jun 2018
Harms, Cory Member Procurement Services 01 Jun 2018
Heasley, Noah Member Student Government 01 Jun 2019
Kline, Nicholas Member Student Government 01 Jun 2019
Laurich, Matt Member Professional & Scientific Council 01 Jun 2018
Malchow, Steve Member Athletics Department 01 Jul 2007
Merrill, Kevin Member Student Activities Center 11 Apr 2019
Mohr, Dustin Member Procurement Services 01 Jun 2018
Perk, Lauryn Member Student Government 01 Jun 2019
Raju, Sekar Member Senior Vice President & Provost 01 Jun 2018
Rosacker, Erin Member Strategic Relations and Communications 23 Jul 2019
Thole, Nathan Member Finance Division or University Services 13 Nov 2018
Witte, Jennifer Member - Substitute Alumni Association 01 Jan 2020
Biederman, Barbara Ex-officio (non-voting) General Counsel 01 Jun 2018
Norton, Michael Ex-officio (non-voting) General Counsel 01 Jun 2018



  • Alumni Association (1)
  • Athletics Department (1)
  • Faculty Senate (1)
  • Finance Division or University Services (1)
  • General Counsel (2)
  • Procurement Services (1)
  • Professional & Scientific Council (1)
  • Senior Vice President & Provost (1)
  • Strategic Relations and Communications (1)
  • Student Activities Center (1)
  • Student Government (1)
  • Trademark Licensing Office / General Counsel (2)
  • Trademark Licensing Office/University Counsel (2)
  • University Marketing (1)
  • University Relations (1)


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