Graduate Council


The Graduate Council serves as the executive committee of the graduate faculty. To provide faculty and student input to policy decisions, the Graduate Council represents the Graduate Faculty, serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the Graduate College, approves new graduate programs, and establishes educational policies that govern graduate education throughout the College.

The Graduate Council is a representative body which consists of fifteen elected members of the Graduate Faculty, four elected graduate student members, and two elected postdoctoral members. Graduate student members of the Council serve one year terms and may be re-elected one time.

Nonvoting members of the Graduate Council include a Graduate College administrative representative (ex-officio), a Faculty Senate liaison representative appointed annually by the Faculty Senate Executive Board, and a member of the Graduate College staff to serve as secretary.


The Graduate Council meets the third Thursday of each month during the academic year.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation
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  • Faculty (15)
  • Faculty Senate (1)
  • Graduate College - Assistant Dean (1)
  • Graduate College - Assistant to the Associate Dean (1)
  • Graduate College - Associate Dean (1)
  • Graduate College - Dean (1)
  • Postdoc (2)
  • Student - Graduate (4)
  • Student Service Specialist (1)


Senior Vice President & Provost