International Programs, Council on


The mission of the Council on International Programs (CIP) is to promote, improve, and expand the internationalization of Iowa State University in the following ways:
  • Support existing, and foster new, relationships with other countries to further ISU’s teaching, research, and outreach missions 
  • Sustain and enhance an intellectually stimulating environment and a supportive university community for all students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Collaborate with campus partners to integrate international students and visiting faculty and staff scholars into the academic and social life of ISU.


The Council on International Programs meets monthly while classes are in session.

Current Members

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Name Role Representation
Acker, David G. Member College - Agriculture and Life Sciences
Salotti, Valentina Member College - Business
McKilligan, Seda Member College - Design
Sundararajan, Sriram Member College - Engineering
Reason, Robert Member College - Human Sciences
Ward, Jessica Member College - Veterinary Medicine
Hallam, Arne Member Education Abroad Committee
O'Brien, Brendan Member International Students & Scholars
Severson, Allison Member National Student Exchange
Jamieson, Shaun Member Office of Risk Management
VanDerZanden, Ann Marie Ex-officio Senior Vice President & Provost Office
Peters, Frank Member Study Abroad Center



  • College - Agriculture and Life Sciences (1)
  • College - Business (1)
  • College - Design (1)
  • College - Engineering (1)
  • College - Human Sciences (1)
  • College - Liberal Arts & Sciences (1)
  • College - Veterinary Medicine (1)
  • Education Abroad Committee (1)
  • Extension (1)
  • International Students & Scholars (1)
  • Library (1)
  • National Student Exchange (1)
  • Office of Risk Management (1)
  • Senior Vice President & Provost Office (1)
  • Study Abroad & Exchange Advisory Committee (1)
  • Study Abroad Center (1)


Senior Vice President & Provost